Funny And Important Facts About “Aerosmith”


22/10/2014 - 15:31
Funny And Important Facts About “Aerosmith”

 “Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel may be you.”― Aerosmith

Aerosmith are known as the “Bad Boys of Boston” and are the most successful rock band in U.S. history – and thus, by far the most successful band to ever come out of the Commonwealth.

In Aerosmith’s early days, lead singer Steven Tyler had “sticky fingers”. Not long after the band lost an important gig because Tyler stole — of all things — a slide projector, three gun-toting thugs accused him of stealing $2,000 out of their suitcase. Tyler professed his innocence, but a band confidant later told Perry that Tyler had indeed taken the money.

One of the band’s biggest early hits, “Sweet Emotion,” featured lyrics by Tyler about his disdain for Perry’s then-wife, Elyssa Jerret.

Perry plays guitar backward. Perry is left-handed, but when he got his first guitar at the age of 12 it came with an instructional record for righties. Not knowing any better, Perry learned to play by listening to that record, and has played right-handed ever since.

Their biggest hit never appeared on a proper album. It’s about Aerosmith’s single “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing,” their contribution to the Armageddon soundtrack.

Aerosmith made more money off the video game “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” than they have off any album.

Perry quit Aerosmith in 1979 after Jerrett threw a glass of milk at the wife of bassist Tom Hamilton. He wouldn’t rejoin the band until 1984.

Perry not only jammed with Kiss on stage, he got to watch backstage as they put on their iconic makeup and costumes. It happened during a 2003 co-headlining Aerosmith-Kiss tour, and Perry even got to wear the legendary Kiss boots.

They were the first band to play at Moe’s Tavern. In 1991, The Simpsons had officially gotten huge. Michael Jackson had already had his uncredited spot and just two months later, Aerosmith would go one step further by taking the stage at Moe’s Tavern. Who cares if they thought Springfield was St. Louis, this was awesome!

Perry’s 29-year marriage to second wife Billie Montgomery is one of the longest in rock ‘n’ roll.

After a show in Detroit when Kid Rock opened for Aerosmith, Rock’s then-girlfriend Pamela Anderson sat on the lap of Perry’s 14-year-old son, Tony, and fed him pizza bite by bite.

Despite everything, Perry thinks Aerosmith’s swan song is still on the horizon. “When we walk on stage there’s still that feeling that we’re going to get out there and be the best that we can for the night and give the audience what they deserve,” Perry said. “That helps me surmount a lot of these other issues, and I’ve learned how to deal with it.”


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