Wild Beasts
Days Off Festival
With their completely unique sound and swooping vocals… the group takes us further into its own emotional sexual universe; the Wild Beasts' songs are about desire, the mysterious and dark object that obsesses us and drives us over the edge. Recording their last album, Smother, in Wales did little to cool the ardour of Hayden Thorpe's vocals and their sound retains every bit of its accustomed warmth. With their own brand of light, wistful folk-pop, there's something of both Beach House and Thom Yorke in the Wild Beasts. But make no mistake: they're here to read from their own score and no one else's.
Wild Beasts
Days Off Festival
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  • 1. Bed of Nails - Wild Beasts
  • 2. We Still Got The Taste Dancin' On Our Tongues - Wild Beasts
  • 3. Albatross - Wild Beasts
  • 4. The Devil's Crayon - Wild Beasts
  • 5. The Fun Powder Plot - Wild Beasts
  • 6. Loop The Loop - Wild Beasts
  • 7. Deeper - Wild Beasts
  • 8. This Is Our Lot - Wild Beasts
  • 9. Two Dancers - Wild Beasts
  • 10. Reach A Bit Further - Wild Beasts
  • 11. Hooting & Howling - Wild Beasts
  • 12. Lion's Share - Wild Beasts
  • 13. All the King's Men - Wild Beasts
  • 14. End Come Too Soon - Wild Beasts