The Walkmen
Live At Pitchfork Paris Festival
From November 1-3 2012, iConcerts brought you a live webcast of the second edition of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris with la crème de la crème of alternative music. Watch The Walkmen's unique performance filmed at the Grande Halle de la Villette! After 10 years, the Walkmen have everything that a great band needs. Hamilton Leithauser is a mature singer of phenomenal stamina who can trade the raw anger of “The Rat” for the yearning of “Southern Heart” without missing a beat. Drummer Matt Barrick can pummel ferociously and drop down to a Buddy Holly tramcar click. Peter Bauer is a consummate sideman, effortlessly switching from guitar to farfisa to piano as required, or trading instruments with bass player Walter Martin, who has written his most resonant lyrics yet. All five members of the band have children now and even though the impact of parenthood is hard to pin down to a single lyric, there is definitely a new openness and emotional honesty to the songs. Most importantly, the old gang mentality has deepened, becoming something worthwhile and lasting.
The Walkmen
Live At Pitchfork Paris Festival
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  • 1. On the Water - Walkmen (the)
  • 2. The Rat - Walkmen (the)
  • 3. Love is Luck - Walkmen (the)
  • 4. Angela Surf City - Walkmen (the)
  • 5. Line By Line - Walkmen (the)
  • 6. Blue As Your Blood - Walkmen (the)
  • 7. The Love You Love - Walkmen (the)
  • 8. In the New Year - Walkmen (the)
  • 9. We Can't Be Beat - Walkmen (the)
  • 10. Heaven - Walkmen (the)
  • 11. All Hands and the Cook - Walkmen (the)