Sebastien Tellier
Live At Pitchfork Paris Festival

Midway between a singer and a guru for some, Sébastien Tellier made his debut in 2001 with 'The Incredible Truth', an intimate odyssey. But it was in 2004, with the album 'Politics', that the quirky artist reached international success: 'La Ritournelle' has emerged as a great classic of its time. After ‘Sessions’ a pure recreational album where he revisits his repertoire only accompanied by a single piano, Sébastien Tellier teamed up with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, one half of Daft Punk in 2007 to create 'Sexuality'. Tellier reached his artistic peak: reinventing himself as a digital lover, Tellier followers multiply like hotcakes ... In 2012, the self-proclaimed flagship 'Alliance Bleue' returns with a not less noticed 'My God Is Blue'.

Sebastien Tellier
Live At Pitchfork Paris Festival
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  • 1. Pepito Bleu - Sebastien Tellier
  • 2. Russian Attractions - Sebastien Tellier
  • 3. Fingers Of Steel - Sebastien Tellier
  • 4. Roche - Sebastien Tellier
  • 5. Divine - Sebastien Tellier
  • 6. Sexual Sportswear - Sebastien Tellier
  • 7. La Ritournelle - Sebastien Tellier
  • 8. L'Amour Et La Violence - Sebastien Tellier
  • 9. Intronisation de François par le Dieu Bleu - Sebastien Tellier