Peter Green
The Electric Set
Once described by BB King as "the only white guy to ever make me sweat", Peter Green's place in the guitar world's hall of fame has long been assured. Now, six years on from his comeback with the Splinter Group, Peter is once again playing the sort of guitar licks that originally elevated him to such stellar heights. His vocals, now an octave lower than in his Fleetwood Mac days, are filled with an intensity and passion of one who has suffered, and his harmonica playing has possibly never been so good. Also there, in much more than a supporting role is the rest of Splinter Group. Nigel Watson shares some of the vocal and lead guitar duties with Peter, Roger Cotton plays some of the steamiest Hammond organ this side of Chicago and the rhythm section of Pete Stroud on Bass and Larry Tolfree on drums provides the tightest of canvases for Peter's art. The show is two sets - one of acoustic blues (Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Otis Rush covers) and an electric set with a mix of Splinter Group originals and Fleetwood Mac classics.
Peter Green
The Electric Set
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  • 1. Hitchhiking Woman - Peter Green
  • 2. Sweet Home Chicago - Peter Green
  • 3. Dead Shrimp Blues - Peter Green
  • 4. Can You Tell Me Why - Peter Green
  • 5. Little Queen of Spades - Peter Green
  • 6. Hell Hound of My Trail - Peter Green
  • 7. Albatross - Peter Green
  • 8. I Believe My Time Ain't Long - Peter Green
  • 9. Running After You - Peter Green
  • 10. Little Red Rooster - Peter Green
  • 11. Ain't Nothing - Peter Green
  • 12. Real World Blues - Peter Green
  • 13. The Green Manalishi - Peter Green
  • 14. Black Magic Woman - Peter Green
  • 15. Look On Yonder Wall - Peter Green