Live At Pitchfork Paris Festival
From November 1-3 2012, iConcerts brought you a live webcast of the second edition of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris with la crème de la crème of alternative music. Watch Outfit's live performance filmed at La Villette! Outfit's formation in 2011 sounds closer to a Dickens plot than friends forming a band: according to the Guardian, the band came together ''while co-habitating in a Liverpool mansion they called The Lodge, a 20-bed house owned by an eccentric lawyer who decided to let a clan of artists occupy his rooms.'' Sometime after moving into the house they played shows with Clinic and Ladytron, relocated to London, and released a 7'' and an EP called 'Another Night's Dreams Reach Earth Again' on the London label Double Denim.
Live At Pitchfork Paris Festival
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  • 1. Drakes - Outfit
  • 2. Humboldts - Outfit
  • 3. Dashing in Passing - Outfit
  • 4. Vehicles - Outfit
  • 5. Nothing Big - Outfit
  • 6. Two Islands - Outfit