Lou Reed
Live at Montreux
Lou Reed is one of the most influential artists of the rock era. From his days in the sixties as the main singer and songwriter of the Velvet Underground and through his mercurial solo career he has kept his audience and the critics on their toes with dramatic changes of musical direction from album to album. Underpinning everything however has been his unquestionable ability as a songwriter and performer of the highest class. This July 2000 concert is his only Montreux performance to date. This was part of his tour for the acclaimed "Ecstacy" album and the show features live performances of a number of songs from that release as well as Lou Reed classics such as 'Romeo Had Juliette', 'Set the Twilight Reeling', 'Dirty Blvd.' and 'Perfect Day'.
Lou Reed
Live at Montreux
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  • 1. Paranoia Key Of E - Lou Reed
  • 2. Turn To Me - Lou Reed
  • 3. Modern Dance - Lou Reed
  • 4. Ecstasy - Lou Reed
  • 5. Smalltown - Lou Reed
  • 6. Future Farmers Of America - Lou Reed
  • 7. Turning Around Time - Lou Reed
  • 8. Romeo Had Juliette - Lou Reed
  • 9. Dirty Blvd - Lou Reed
  • 10. Perfect Day - Lou Reed