Killing Joke
XXV Gathering
Killing Joke need little introduction. Taking their name from a British phrase referring to an ironic or paradoxical situation or event, their brand of apocalyptic post punk and fiercely intense live shows quickly established them as one of the most original bands to emerge from the UK in the late 70's. Fronted by self-confessed misanthropist Jaz Coleman, his influence, along with guitarist Geordie and bass players Youth and later Raven, can be found in bands such as Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Therapy?, Nirvana and many more. 'Killing Joke - XXV Gathering' was filmed on their sold out 25th Anniversary show at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London and captures the band at their very best. Singer Coleman's intense stage presence is unmatchable still after all these years while the titanic guitar sound of Geordie is awe-inspiring. Tracks like 'War Dance', 'Wait', 'Psyche' and 'Song and Dance' seem more relevant now than the day they were written, while opening track Communion is mesmerizing. Finally it's now Killing Joke's time. 'Killing Joke - XXV Gathering' is the only filmed concert available from Killing Joke.
Killing Joke
XXV Gathering
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  • 1. Communion - Killing Joke
  • 2. Wardance - Killing Joke
  • 3. Song And Dance - Killing Joke
  • 4. Primitive - Killing Joke
  • 5. Total Invasion - Killing Joke
  • 6. Bloodsport - Killing Joke
  • 7. Requiem - Killing Joke
  • 8. Asteroid - Killing Joke
  • 9. The Wait - Killing Joke
  • 10. Whiteout - Killing Joke
  • 11. Pssyche - Killing Joke
  • 12. The Pandys Are Coming - Killing Joke
  • 13. Complications - Killing Joke
  • 14. Sun Goes Down - Killing Joke
  • 15. Are You Receiving? - Killing Joke
  • 16. Love Like Blood - Killing Joke
  • 17. Pandemonium - Killing Joke