Live At Pitchfork Paris Festival

If the group was initially to become a trio, the two members finally waived the traditional requirement to have a "lead singer" and decided to embody the lead spot together. But Japandroids are not a minimalist group at all. On the contrary, on stage, the guitarist and drummer, as worthy heirs of the White Stripes, give the impression that they’re multiplying to provide a crazy performance! The songs are immersed in a kind of naivety and yet very positive energy at the same time, which gives the music an astonishing freshness!

Live At Pitchfork Paris Festival
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  • 1. Adrenaline Nightshift - JAPANDROIDS
  • 2. Fire's Highway - JAPANDROIDS
  • 3. Younger Us - JAPANDROIDS
  • 4. The Nights of Wine and Roses - JAPANDROIDS
  • 5. Wet Hair - JAPANDROIDS
  • 6. Evil's Sway - JAPANDROIDS
  • 7. The House That Heaven Built - JAPANDROIDS
  • 8. Young Hearts Spark Fire - JAPANDROIDS
  • 9. For The Love of Ivy - JAPANDROIDS