Charles Bradley
Live at La Cigale
How sweet revenge can be. Look at this man, who has gathered up all his lost years, who has shaped them with hope, with patience and whose moment has finally come. Look at him, this sixty-year-old man, who'd bring any kid to his knees. Watch him kneel himself at the very first song, his eyes full of tears as though thanking heaven for the opportunity to sing at last, pouring his heart out as though it were his first and last chance. Look at his sincerity, his strength, his energy. Look at this man, who gives himself entirely to the music. Look at 64-year-old Charles Bradley, showing his faith, moving mountains.
Charles Bradley
Live at La Cigale
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  • 1. Heartaches and Pain - Charles Bradley
  • 2. No Time For Dreaming - Charles Bradley
  • 3. Lovin' You Baby - Charles Bradley
  • 4. The World (Is Going Up In Flames) - Charles Bradley
  • 5. How Long - Charles Bradley
  • 6. This Love Ain't Big Enough For the Two of Us - Charles Bradley
  • 7. I Believe In Your Love - Charles Bradley
  • 8. Golden Rule - Charles Bradley
  • 9. Why Is It So Hard - Charles Bradley