Angel Olsen
A Pocket Party
Angel Olsen, unlike numerous folk singers, does not speak of small fairies or nice flowers but bloody murders and penitent ghosts, in the Old Time tradition of American pioneers. She started first as a member of Cairo Gang and chorus-singer for Bonnie "Prince" before embarking on a solo career. In her new album, Burn Your Fire for No Witness, the songwriter gives a beautiful energy to the songs, helped by strong meaning melodies produced in association with the brilliant John Congleton. Recorded right after a long tour, Angel Olsen describes her album " as a collection of songs inspired by one year of touring, journey and transformation".
Angel Olsen
A Pocket Party
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  • 1. May as Well - Angel Olsen
  • 2. Drunk and with Drums - Angel Olsen
  • 3. Free - Angel Olsen
  • 4. Forgiven/Forgotten - Angel Olsen
  • 5. Enemy - Angel Olsen
  • 6. Unfuck the World - Angel Olsen